My take on the protests now happening

First of all I’m surprised it’s gone on for nearly a week now. And delighted that the President felt it necessary to hide in a bunker.

However I understand why people are protesting. It is our right as citizens of this country to petition government for redress of grievance. And I’d say we all have a grievance to be aired. I for one am disgusted when police get away with what in my view is murder of black people.

Though I’m starting to see that police are getting a drubbing over this and rightfully so.

Of course we sorely lack leadership – as a certain Petulant Man Child in Chief cowers in a bunker or simply goes and plays golf. And people are frustrated and angry that yet another black man has been murdered on the streets of a U.S. City. Plus the President is also egging on the cops. Not the way to go with November coming up.

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