Are cops really this stupid?

This one takes the cake. The girl is already on the ground and restrained, there was absolutely no need to taser her, but the fucking thug cop did anyhow. I’m hoping he was disciplined, including losing his job.

Need I remind people that if general pandemonium were to break out the police would be VASTLY outnumbered. For example, the city I live in has a population of 173,500 people. That’s what the census says, we’re closer to 210,000. Anyhow, there are approximately 550 sworn officers. Lets say half that 210,000 goes bonkers.

That would mean each officer would have to handle 190 people. There aren’t enough bullets on the planet, nor are their reflexes that fast.

This is why I say, we have to train our police officers above all the be courteous whether chasing down a perp, or talking to a victim. Otherwise general outrage is a very bad thing. And it looks like Pittsburgh’s finest are going to feel the backlash of that little video for quite some time.

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