Why the MSM is going to crater

The reason I’m such a web head is because you get more information that way than from any of the other mainstream media outlets.

Case in point, the anti-war protest in D.C. with 135 people arrested. They were protesting over the war in Afghanistan. And they’re right, by the time we draw down it’ll be over a decade and we still haven’t learned what the Russians learned in the 1980’s.

The Russians knew that unless they put troops on every corner in every province they’d never take Afghanistan.

And the reason we’re in Afghanistan hasn’t got much to do with either the Taliban or Al Qaeda but almost  everything to do with a certain natural gas pipeline in the northern part of the country in addition to oil and gas interests there.

Yes boys and girls, we’re running out of oil. It’s the reason we’ve got troops in two key countries in the mid-east.

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