Providence Gay Pride 2011

So we attended the Providence Gay Pride Parade again this year. The route changed up because Weybosset St. in Providence, is all torn up in preparation to make it two way traffic.

The parade route staged on Greene St., came down the upper part of Weybosset and then turned onto Empire St. It then proceeded to Washington St, then to Dorrance and finally back to Weybosset in the downtown section.

The pix, well I didn’t get many pix. Did get quite a bit of video that I’m still uploading.

A few noteworthy things about the parade:

1) There was this chariot carrying I believe Miss Gay RI. When we’d gotten down to Dorrance and Westminster Streets, the chariot was parked and Miss Gay RI was left all alone in it. The next moment we looked the chariot is tipping over and she’s tipping with it. She didn’t think to jump out and so fell on the ground. Of course prior there were comments made about the budge for said chariot. I estimated $25. Short span between the wheels. You just know that was a recipe for disaster.

2) We noticed the boys dancing on the floats were a bit more full bodied. If you’ve read my posts in the past you’d realize I’m not a fan of the anorexic look so this is a nice change.

3) This year they didn’t throw out as many beads but they did throw out these little plastic eggs with whistles inside. You guessed it, lots of noise.

4) I got approached by MERI staff both current and former as well as board members. Apparently NOBODY is happy about what’s happened to MERI and they’re happy I’m dinging their Ersatz leader, Ray Sullivan on a regular basis. I feel it’s my duty.

5) The Big Apple Corps were there in full regalia. What can I say, I love the big bands, it’s the repressed musician in me. As they passed us they were playing Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing”, yes the Glee reference was there.

6) Another band in attendance was a local one, the Extraordinary Rendition Band. And example below:

Here they are from last night:

7) I’ll update this post with the videos I took. I used my cell phone this time around as it does better in low light than my camera. Here is a teaser. I should also mention all the video was shot with an Android phone.

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