Doings on Halloween

So we schlepped down to Newport, RI through horrendous traffic on I-95 in both the north and south directions. Being we left at 5PM might have lots to do with it since it’s prime rush hour and the angle of the sun at certain spots on that highway is a bit intense. But come on half an hour to go 6 miles?

As we got further south the speed picked up, then on RI Route 4 I could drop the hammer and had the car up to speed. Made Newport about 20 minutes after that.

So we all marched to the tower of Newport. If you haven’t seen it:


There were about a dozen of us – the Knights of a certain books fame. All holding candles trying to keep them lit whilst Doctor Love said the benediction. It was nice. I even shined the laser up into the sky.

Now the tower – goes back to the 16th or 17th century. Yeah I know.

Then back to the remodeled Maison DNA shop – very nice remodel on it – it now occupies the entire 1st floor of 64 Spring Street in Newport.

All in all not so bad, got a little wax on me from the candle but nothing I couldn’t handle.

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