Making Gougères

Some time ago I purchased Dorie Greenspan’s book “around my french table”. The book is copyrighted as of 2010 so eight years later I’ve begun in the words of Ina Garten to start working my way through every easy, delicious recipe.

So with that I cooked the first thing – the Gougeres. If windows Notepad and character map would behave the accented first e would be there – but it’s my least favorite OS called Windows 10.

The Chouf a Pate went together lickety split. It’s butter, flour, salt and flour. Then that cooked mixture goes into the mixer and add five eggs waiting for each to be absorbed into the dough.

Then in goes the cheese – I used a sharp cheddar until such time as I can get some gruyere again.

Here is  a photo of them just after baking:

The baked for 24 minutes. And let me tell you they’re delicious. I cannot believe how good they are. Now the numbers – each biscuit has .33oz or 1/3tablespoon(.33 = 1/3, = 1tsp) of butter, .2 whole egg, 2.9g carb total. Not bad and I must say I laughed at the Garten quote but yeah I’ll work my way throught this book.

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